Improve your Business and your Marketing with Smart Wifi

Everyone is connected digitally these days. There is always an excuse to be online whether you’re checking in on Facebook, checking your email while you wait, or conversing with friends. The trend has grown to the point that most businesses have begun offering free wifi to help draw patrons in, but also lengthen their stay. While many internet service providers already offer an additional wifi service that can be extended to your business guests, we at Skigital have taken this one step further. We offer a wifi service that also works for you by capturing valuable information about your guests that you can use in your digital marketing efforts. Why it works: Our smart wifi service creates a p

4 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Blog

In a competitive market such as the food service industry it is not just important that you distinguish yourself among your competitors, but also make those unique selling propositions known to potential customers. Most business owners understand the importance of marketing techniques like email and social media marketing, but did you know that there is another important tool that your restaurant should be capitalizing on? Yes, it’s blogging and it’s not just for teenagers and industry influencers anymore! Here are a few reasons why your restaurant needs a blog. Blogs are Educational: It’s no secret that in Chester County there is no shortage of independently-owned restaurants with a unique

How to Respond to A Negative Online Review

Helpful tips for Managing Your Business’ Online Reputation The internet of today is a vast place full of cat videos, funny memes, and people expressing their opinion on everything and anything. It seems like no matter where you turn you’re likely to find someone sharing their thoughts (does anyone even read comments sections anymore?!). As a small business owner this can be equal parts exciting and terrifying. Exciting because people are talking about your business, terrifying because people are talking about your business and you can’t control what they’re saying! Platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and Google have made it easy for people to not only remark about your business but leave ratings

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