The Basics of SEO -- What Is it and How it Can Improve your Business

Have you ever tried typing your name into a google search engine? What comes up? Do you find your name or information quickly, or do you have to search a little while until you find any results? A prolonged search might be fine for personal information, you may even prefer it that way, but for your business or professional website, you need as much web traffic as you can get. Here at Skigital, we can help your website get more clicks, views, and exposure with the Search Engine Optimization Power Pack. What is Search Engine Optimization, you might ask? Search Engine Optimization or its acronym, SEO, is the process of growing your visibility in non-paid or organic search engine results. SEO fo

Why Social Media Is Crucial To Your Business

It's the 21st century, everywhere you look you see technology. People are constantly Tweeting, Facebooking, texting, emailing, and using every type of social media that you can imagine. In this rapidly evolving technological landscape, it is crucial that businesses stay modern and up to date, popping into the social media bubble, to market their business and get their brand and message out there. Increased ROI- Social media has become an incredible tool for connectivity. With the press of a button your message can reach hundreds or even thousands of people. Way back before the internet and social media had become what it is today, business got their brand out there by word of mouth, personal

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