4 Reasons Why You Should Know Your Business' Target Demographics

One of the first steps to an effective and accurate marketing plan is knowing your target demographics. Target demographics are the process of knowing who your preferred customers are, who it is you are trying to market your business or product too, and what characteristics they embody. Here are 5 reasons why, when planning your marketing strategies, you should have a clear understanding of your target demographics: Create Content That is Relevant: Knowing your target demographics will allow you to create marketing content that is specifically tailored towards your preferred audience. Whether your target audience is adolescents with a line of trendy new skateboards, or adults with with fashi

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey and How it is Crucial to Your Business

What is the process of a sale or a purchase and how can businesses better understand this process? When customers purchase a product, they usually do so to fill a need, a need that can be meet through a professional service or product. The Buyer’s Journey conceptualizes this process by drawing in the metaphor of a journey. The journey is outlined in steps from when a buyer or customer understands that they have a need, all the way to the sale of a product that fulfills the buyers need. The customers become voyeurs on a business journey, progressing through each stage in order to arrive at the end of their journey, as a valued customer. Businesses that have a strong understanding of the the B

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