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Skigital’s Top Tier Website Building Essentials

Skigital Website Essentials

There are several crucial elements that every good website needs. At Skigital, we create the best possible websites for our clients! In this blog, we will go through some of the most essential elements of a website, and highlight sites that we have created for our clients at Shorebreak Resorts, Limoncello, and Equine Medical and Surgical Associates.

Crucial Website Elements

There are many behind the scenes elements that go into building a brand and a brand website. Prior to designing a website, it is important to establish a brand identity that will be consistently represented throughout all of the company marketing materials. This includes your company logo, color palette, brand voice, fonts, and more. Further, when designing the website, it is very important to create a user-friendly design that is easy to navigate, read, and interact with. This is referred to as user experience or UX. Next comes building the interface design elements such as text, images, buttons, and visual color palettes. This is referred to as user interface or UI. Now that you understand the basic foundations of a brand and it’s website, here are some crucial elements that every website design needs:

  • Mobile-friendly design: Since the majority of website visits come from mobile devices rather than desktops, it is crucial to have a mobile friendly interface. When building a website, the design must be responsive to properly fit the screen size of mobile devices as well as desktop.

  • Logo: Be sure to include a clear company logo on the webpage. The visibility of your logo is crucial. The logo should be placed in the header of your website and the footer of the webpage.

  • Header with Navigation Tabs: The header with navigation links should appear at the top of every page on your website. This element of UI supports the overall UX of your website, for the benefit of your audience. Navigation tabs should be clearly labeled and informative about each page of your website.

  • Headlines with Body Content: Headlines are important to identify topics on your website and break up the text of your body content. Headlines placed before paragraphs make it easier for your readers to quickly and efficiently process the content of your page.

  • Calls to action: Calls to action identify where a user can click to perform conversion actions after obtaining information from your site. Calls to action include “book now”, “add to cart”, “shop now”, and “order here”. Calls to action provide the user with a meaningful experience on your website.

  • Social links: Providing social links on your website allows consumers to further engage with your brand. Social media presence is an extension of your brand that allows for more personable and brief interactions. When a user is captivated by your brand, they will want to further follow along with company updates and promotions.

  • Images and Videos: Images and videos are essential to communicate the brand elements as well as draw attention from your page visitors. High quality, aesthetically pleasing images will captivate your audience and provide an overall appealing look to your webpage.

  • Blog: Having a navigation tab for a company blog is a great way to draw more traffic to your website. Blog posts on your website that correlate with your brand identity will include important keywords relative to your brand. The use of keywords on your website is how your site will appear on the search engine return page (SERP). This is a great way to draw awareness to your brand.

Website Highlight: Shorebreak Resorts

Below is the Skigital designed website for Shorebreak Resorts. Notice the key elements included. The logo appears on the top of the page in the header above the navigation bar. The call to action “book now” leads consumers to conversion. Shorebreak has a blog tab that is updated monthly to draw in new web traffic. Social links are provided in the footer of the website, and the body content includes aesthetic images, brand colors, and fonts that accurately represent Shorebreak Resorts.

Shorebreak Resorts Website


Here is the webpage that our team at Skigital designed for Limoncello Ristorante. The Limoncello logo appears clearly in the header above the navigation bar. There are calls to action for “order takeout/delivery” and “reservations”. The body content flows with headlines and high quality images to promote the reader’s flow of experience. Social links are provided at the end of the page in the footer. The brand colors, fonts, and identity are represented efficiently throughout the website.

Equine Medical Surgical

Here is the webpage that our team at Skigital designed for Equine Medical and Surgical Associates. The Equine logo is displayed in the header next to the navigation bar. Calls to action include “shop now”. Equine has a blog tab on their website that is updated monthly to draw in new audiences who are interested in equine health. Body content consists of information about Equine products, complemented by images and headlines to break up text, and social links are provided at the end of the webpage in the footer.

Equine Medical and Surgical Associates

If you are interested in building your brand identity, company webpage, and social media content, contact Skigital today to learn more! We can run an audit on your current website and determine what improvements need to be made or review your website needs and develop a new website. Websites average 8 weeks to build and our team will partner with you every step of the way to ensure that the final site exceeds all your expectations.

Contact Kim Cunningham at to discuss your website needs today!


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