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The O’Connor Group’s Top 3 Podcast with Kim Cunningham

Our CEO, Kim Cunningham, was invited to join fellow AlignSpace member Marcia O’Connor on her “Top 3 Podcast” for an episode titled “Entrepreneurs Sharing Secrets and Mistakes.” Marcia focuses on a different topic for her podcast each week and features different entrepreneurs to share their advice and experiences. Her company, The O’Connor Group, provides human resource and talent acquisition solutions that work closely with their clients to understand their goals and help them succeed within their organizations. Marcia founded The O’Connor Group, recognized as a Certified Women-Owned Business with WBENC.

In this podcast, Marcia talks with Kim about how Skigital came to be and where the company is heading. Kim goes into her journey about change as an entrepreneur and how Skigital has transformed since she first started the company in 2015. Kim and Marcia discuss every entrepreneur's struggles and how to work through them.

Throughout the conversation, Kim explains how her background in sales and marketing shifted to her passion for digital marketing. Kim wanted more control over the content she was putting out for clients, as well as to oversee her own work-life balance. What better way to have control over the content you create for clients than to start a company and run it yourself? For the past seven and a half years, Kim has done just that.

The Top 3 Podcast also discusses the different directions of where Skigital is heading, which has led Kim to make some difficult decisions. Marcia and Kim discussed the need for support entrepreneurs experience when going through a taxing period in their personal or professional life. Part of the change you must embrace when growing your company is to rely on your team and delegate the work. The pair continues to discuss the importance of only wearing one hat and figuring out who they need to hire or what to do to meet their strategic goals.

Kim plans on growing the Skigital team in 2023 and has aggressive revenue goals over the next 3 years. She has plans to work on the sales team and has recently hired Skigitals first full time Account Executive. Kim intends to work hard to make 2023 a year of growth so that she can hire more employees and have a bigger sales team by next year. In the meantime, she is still focused on enhancing Skigital’s solid reputation, which has been built on performance, customer service, and the skills of her employees. Skigital’s solid team and great work culture are something she has desired to build for years, and 2022 ended with the strongest and best team Skigital has ever seen.

Marcia and Kim do a great job talking about overcoming change and following through on goals in the face of adversity. Listen in for more detail on how Kim handles her most significant challenges and what tools she uses to resolve them for her personal and professional life. You can watch the full podcast on YouTube or listen to it on Apple Music and other streaming and social platforms:


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