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Habitat for Humanity of Chester County



Our Partnership

At Skigital, we take pride in our partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Chester County (HFHCC) and the impact we've made together.  Our partnership with HFHCC has been instrumental in driving their success, particularly in fundraising and website performance. HFHCC's work extends far beyond their local community, and we're honored to have played a part in their journey to national recognition, including their invitation to speak at the Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) conference. Through our strategic collaboration, HFHCC has met and exceeded its fundraising goals, particularly through its Annual Appeal and Hops for Homes event.

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Website Traffic

We're incredibly proud of the impact we've had on Habitat for Humanity of Chester County's (HFHCC) website performance since its launch in February 2023. Over the past year, our collaboration has resulted in significant milestones, with June 2023 marking the highest web traffic month yet, recording an impressive 7,144 site sessions largely attributed to the Hops for Homes festival. This reflects the successful integration of our marketing efforts across various channels to drive engagement and participation in HFHCC's events. Moreover, our strategic approach to website design and optimization has ensured that visitors have a seamless experience, evidenced by the consistent navigation to the ReStore tab upon entering the site and the extended time spent on the ReStore schedule donation page each month. Our partnership with HFHCC continues to yield positive outcomes each month, resulting in more leads, donations, and contact form submissions through their increased website traffic.

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ADA Compliance

Skigital takes pride in offering ADA compliance across all our projects, including our collaboration with Habitat for Humanity of Chester County (HFHCC). By adhering to accessibility standards, we guarantee that HFHCC's website is inclusive and accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities. This commitment to accessibility aligns seamlessly with HFHCC's mission of serving the community inclusively. Together, we're not only building websites but also fostering an environment where everyone can participate fully and engage meaningfully with HFHCC's initiatives.

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Empowering Growth

Since our collaboration began in 2022, we've worked closely with HFHCC to market their Annual Appeal fundraising campaign across multiple channels, including organic social, paid social, email marketing, SMS, and website hosting. Together, we've witnessed remarkable growth in their fundraising efforts. In 2022, HFHCC raised $240,000 through the Annual Appeal, a significant 67% increase compared to the previous year, surpassing their fundraising goal by $40,000. Building on this success, in 2023, our partnership continued to yield impressive results, with HFHCC raising $300,000 through the Annual Appeal, marking a 25% increase ($60,000) compared to 2022. This continued growth underscores the effectiveness of our collaborative approach and highlights HFHCC's dedication to its mission.

Along with this, we are thrilled to have played a role in the success of Habitat for Humanity of Chester County's (HFHCC) second annual Hops for Homes festival in June 2023. Through our collaborative efforts in marketing across various platforms, we helped generate significant interest and participation in the event. The result was an impressive $28,000 raised and a turnout of 300 attendees, demonstrating the community's enthusiastic support for HFHCC's mission. Our partnership with HFHCC has maximized the reach and effectiveness of events like Hops for Homes, further solidifying our commitment to making a positive difference in the community.

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Our collaboration with Habitat for Humanity of Chester County (HFHCC) has been a source of great pride and fulfillment for Skigital. Together, we've achieved remarkable milestones, from exceeding fundraising goals to driving significant engagement through events like the Annual Appeal and Hops for Homes festival. As we reflect on the impact of our partnership, we're inspired by HFHCC's unwavering dedication to its mission and the positive change it brings to the community. We are excited to continue this prosperous partnership with HfHCC and to continue supporting their cause through our digital marketing expertise. Together, we'll continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of community members, demonstrating the power of collaboration and collective impact.

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