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The Process


This logo questionnaire is a survey to help us learn exactly what you are looking for in your new logo. It is the first step in the process and will help us understand your expectations and preferences when it comes to your branding. It will also give us an idea of your timeline and other essential factors that will be important when starting a new project. Answering the questions below with as much detail as possible will provide us with insights into your target audience, needs, and design preferences ensuring that the final product is in alignment with your vision.

Type of project
Deadline is
Logo Direction Sheet.jpg

Choose a number that best describes the style you are looking for. (Three being equal amounts of both)

Modern vs Classic
Raw vs Refined
Exotic vs Common
Sporty vs Elegant
Playful vs Serious
Masculine vs Feminine
Simple vs Complex
Neutral vs Colorful
Quiet vs Loud
Expensive vs Practical
Thanks for submitting!
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