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10 Reasons Your Company Should Invest in A Digital Marketing Strategy

The quote, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail,” is entirely accurate when it comes to having a digital marketing strategy. If you want to secure a sustainable future for your brand, regardless of industry, investing time, energy, and money into your business’s digital marketing strategy and embracing the ever-changing scope of technology is a necessity. Improving your online presence will enhance consumer engagement, increase brand awareness, and improve operational efficiency. Here are ten reasons your company should invest in a digital marketing strategy to inspire your efforts.

10. Company Direction & Goals

A digital marketing strategy indicates that a brand has identified a path connecting its corporate and marketing objectives. By implementing an effective digital marketing strategy with clearly defined goals, a company will be better positioned to acquire new customers, retain them, and build long-term relationships with its consumers. A digital marketing strategy will help a business map out its route to success, with a clear picture defining exactly where the money and resources will be invested. This road map allows companies to see the effectiveness of their investment in marketing methods.

9. Budget Manageability

Specifically for small businesses or start-ups with a smaller marketing budget, having a digital marketing strategy is especially important. Digital marketing provides many free or budget-manageable ways to promote your brand effectively. By implementing a digital marketing strategy, budget management is way easier. Why? Digital campaigns are usually on a “pay-as-you-go” or “pay-per-click/result” basis. Therefore, after a few months of running a certain campaign, you will be better positioned to forecast your budget going forward.

8. Consumer Experience

Digital customer experience is the total of all the online interactions a consumer has with your brand, whether through your website, Google, paid ads, social media, SMS updates, or email marketing. A quality user experience improves your chances of pulling in new customers and bringing back returning ones. User experience (UX)/User Interface (UI) Design is the process of designing the interface, providing relevant features, and optimizing navigation to produce a quality experience for your consumer. It also increases a website’s usability, functionality, and accessibility and enables a pleasurable interaction for your customer. According to Forrester, a leading global market research company, a great User Interface of a website can increase the conversion rate by 200%, while a seamless UX can expand it by 300% - 400%. Creative and operationally mature online presences will increase revenue, brand awareness, and improve customer interactions.

7. Global Reach

Although your company might not service globally, your marketing has the potential to help get you there. Especially for e-commerce brands, global brand awareness could help build your business faster. Marketing is no longer reliant on word of mouth or print media. A robust digital marketing strategy allows consumers access to your brand, products, and services from whichever location you choose.

6. Data-based Insights in Real-Time

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Digital marketing, like every other avenue of marketing, is incredibly competitive. Unlike other methods of marketing, digital marketing provides instant analytics of how your website, ads, and more are performing, the return on investment of these entities, and much more. With this knowledge, you can adjust your ad criteria accordingly, which could help your business have more effective marketing for less.

The ability to track conversions from social media, ads, and website traffic can tell you what works and what doesn’t to help you create the most effective digital marketing plan in the least amount of time while using your budget productively.

5. Personalization of Marketing

Today, people first search the internet before visiting a storefront because all the information is right there. A business’s hours, address, products, services, fellow consumer reviews, and more are only a click away. The digital age encourages real buyers and customers to check on a company’s product or service before purchasing or subscribing. Digital marketing is unique because it lets you get to know your consumers and focus your marketing efforts on only the prospects most likely to buy your product or service. You can target your paid ads to a specific demographic or geographical area, which helps cut your ads from being seen by people unlikely to have your products or services applicable to them.

4. Competitive Advantage Over Your Competition

A successful digital marketing strategy will allow your customers to see you before they see your competition. With Google Ads, improved SEO, and increased customer reviews, your website is more likely to be shown first when consumers search for the service or products your business provides. You can get to a potential customer before your competition does.

3. Reputation Management

A successful digital marketing strategy also means having the ability and readiness to manage your company's online reputation. Monitoring reputation management in real-time is extremely valuable to help maintain a positive image for your company. With Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews, feedback on social media posts, and many more outlets available, consumers can provide positive or negative feedback on your products and services.

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A successful digital marketing strategy allows you to stay up-to-date on your consumers' opinions and experiences, enabling you to adjust products, services, and workflows to improve customer experience and prevent loss in the future. Positive online reviews also allow you to establish an online reputation that will help attract more customers organically.

2. Brand Visibility

Having an online presence increases your brand's visibility to consumers. Digital customer experience isn’t just about having a user-friendly website. You want to also be accessible via other methods. Your brand’s website, online ads, email marketing, SMS marketing, and social media presence are all essential to remain visible to your consumer. These digital marketing avenues create more visibility and opportunities for customer engagement, increasing brand loyalty. Cross-media promotion will increase your website traffic, create better brand awareness, introduce new consumers to your brand, and provide repetitive exposure to consumers in general. Visibility is essential for potential and past customers or clients to find your business quickly.

1. ROI

If the last nine reasons weren’t enough to convince you that having a digital marketing strategy is essential to a company’s success, then this should be. When it comes to digital marketing, we use a lot of phrases like “brand awareness” or “user engagement.” Still, neither really shows a clear picture of your business's performance with a digital marketing strategy. Essentially, the money, time, and effort put into this strategy would be useless if it weren’t for a positive return on investment (ROI). What statistics prove an effective digital marketing strategy has a great ROI?

Ready to invest in a digital marketing strategy?

Skigital is here to help! We offer a wide variety of marketing services to our clients, including email marketing, social media marketing, SMS, reputation management, Google Adwords, Blog development and posting, graphic design, web design, and so much more. View a complete list of our services here or email to see how we can help streamline your company’s digital marketing efforts.

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