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4 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Blog

Why your restaurant needs a blog

In a competitive market such as the food service industry it is not just important that you distinguish yourself among your competitors, but also make those unique selling propositions known to potential customers. Most business owners understand the importance of marketing techniques like email and social media marketing, but did you know that there is another important tool that your restaurant should be capitalizing on? Yes, it’s blogging and it’s not just for teenagers and industry influencers anymore! Here are a few reasons why your restaurant needs a blog.

Blogs are Educational: It’s no secret that in Chester County there is no shortage of independently-owned restaurants with a unique flair and delicious food. Residents simply need to decide what type of food they are hungry for and how far away from home they want to go to find it. Often they are doing their research by browsing review sites and online menus to help them make their decision. But what if there was a better way? What if you could fully explain what is unique (and delicious!) about your food BEFORE they even walk in the door. Good news! You can through blogs!

Blogs give you the platform to share what makes your restaurant special. Is it your family recipes handed down for generations or the fun, family-friendly atmosphere that sets you apart from the pack? You can explain it all through your blog and leave your future customers hungry for more.. literally!

Blogs are Visual: In addition to having room to explain why your restaurant is unique you can also utilize this platform to show them too! Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest food photography is more popular than ever. Does your chef enjoy plating in a special way? Does your ice cream dessert come served with a sparkler? Snap a photo and show it off!

Photos can capture the ambiance, color, texture, and food of your restaurant in ways that words alone cannot. Cozy comfort food, a party in full swing in your event space, or a relaxing outdoor patio all make for great imagery but also great blogs.

Blogs are Shareable: Blogs provide easy content to share with your email subscribers and social media following too! It’s a great way to spread the word about the happenings going on in your restaurant especially when you're otherwise limited by 140 characters. When customers love something, especially food, they are all too eager to share their experience with their friends. Blogs make it easy for your patrons to be able to do just that, which is like free marketing for you!

Blogs are Searchable: Yes, there are quite a few fun things about blogs like sharing photos and information across social media platform but blogs also contain one very important function that we as marketers value highly, they’re a gold mine for SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization which entails specific components that improve the likelihood that your website will be found on a search engine like Google.

By filling your blogs with keywords that your patrons are likely using in their Google search, you work to improve your chances of being found on the internet by someone who is actually looking for you!

With the life of a social media post getting shorter and shorter it’s becoming more important than ever that you maintain multiple outlets to share your message. Blogs can be an integral tool that bolsters your social media, email, and website marketing efforts. If you’re interested in learning more about how a blog can impact your restaurant contact us today.

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