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Improve your Business and your Marketing with Smart Wifi

Improve your business with smart wifi

Everyone is connected digitally these days. There is always an excuse to be online whether you’re checking in on Facebook, checking your email while you wait, or conversing with friends. The trend has grown to the point that most businesses have begun offering free wifi to help draw patrons in, but also lengthen their stay.

While many internet service providers already offer an additional wifi service that can be extended to your business guests, we at Skigital have taken this one step further. We offer a wifi service that also works for you by capturing valuable information about your guests that you can use in your digital marketing efforts.

Why it works: Our smart wifi service creates a personalized page that your customers must see in order to access your wifi signal. They will be asked to provide an email address, or to connect with a social media account. From there our program will automatically capture their email address and demographics so that we can use them to refine and target our marketing efforts.

Marketing is the most successful when you have a firm grasp on who your target market is and can direct your message in a way that is engaging to them. With the information captured through Smart Wifi it takes the guess work out of the equation.

How it works: Don’t worry! We’ll take care of the hard work for you! The system, which we set up for you, ties in directly with your existing wifi service. Once the program is live and your customers begin to use it, the program will automatically sync to your email marketing platform as long as it is compatible. From there we review and analyze the information it provides us and use it to bolster our efforts as your marketing team. All you need to do is do is sit back and reap the reward!

Contact us today to learn more about how you can make your wifi work for you!

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