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Why Social Media Is Crucial To Your Business

Social media presence for your buisness

It's the 21st century, everywhere you look you see technology. People are constantly Tweeting, Facebooking, texting, emailing, and using every type of social media that you can imagine. In this rapidly evolving technological landscape, it is crucial that businesses stay modern and up to date, popping into the social media bubble, to market their business and get their brand and message out there.

Increased ROI- Social media has become an incredible tool for connectivity. With the press of a button your message can reach hundreds or even thousands of people. Way back before the internet and social media had become what it is today, business got their brand out there by word of mouth, personal connections, or expensive advertisements in print or on television.

While traditional marketing has the ability to reach a large scale audience, there is no way to know how the audience perceives the message or, more importantly, the return on investment (ROI). Now, businesses have the added benefit of interactive feedback with their target audiences, how well their message is being received to their potential customers. Most social media networks even offer analytics so you can understand how posts are performing and exactly who is engaging with them spelling out a clear ROI.

Trial and Error is Key- In order to take advantage of social media as an incredibly powerful and accessible marketing tool, businesses must be active on all social media platforms. It is no secret that it takes some creativity, hard work, and ingenuity in order to grow a sizeable social media following, and the first step on that journey is to post, and post actively and often.

Social media posts take time and practice in order for your message to be eye popping and catchy, businesses can benefit from the trial and error nature of actively posting to social media, gauging what is popular and what works and what is unpopular and does not work. Through trial and error and active social media posting, business can begin to amass a large social media following.

Connect with your Followers- One aspect of social media that businesses should take advantage of is socials medias ability to connect businesses, personally, to their audience. The world is more interconnected than ever before. With the touch of a button your thoughts, ideas, and passions can be sent out into the world for anyone to read. This interconnectivity can be a huge asset to any business with a strong social media presence, getting your product and message out there in a personal, fun, and passionate way can help to win over the hearts and minds of many potential customers.

Wendy’s twitter page is a great example of a huge corporation that was able to take advantage of the person-ability of social media, their twitter is humorous and up to date with social media trends, allowing their business to become personal and humanized, spreading their brand and message to an even wider audience.

In the age of the internet, business need to modernize and take advantage of the endless exposure that the internet has to offer. Businesses must be active, creative, and diligent when posting to social media, so they can reap the rewards that the internet and social media has to offer.

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