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Google's Broad Core Algorithm Update: What is it and What you Need to Know

Broad Core Algorithm Update, Skigital

Think about this scenario. You have spent countless hours researching, tweaking, and working on your website's SEO or Search Engine Optimization. After weeks of trial and error, your website is finally ranking on Google, enjoying increased website traffic as a result. You are aware of Google's daily tweaks and updates to its algorithms, of course you are, you’re an SEO pro!

However, Google’s Broad Core Algorithm update just dropped, and now, so is your website’s rankings. You’re scrambling and searching for a reason why your website isn’t performing as well as it once was!

Relax. Take a deep breath. And read this guide. Google’s Broad Core Algorithm can be a confusing notion, but we’re here to help.

What is It:

Even Google SEO professionals were left confused and dismayed by Google’s Broad Core update. Many of their rankings were dropping and it was difficult, at least at first, to figure out why.

Google’s P.R team was very ambiguous with the update, not exactly explaining what it was they were updating. All that the SEO pros knew, as its stated in the name, is that it was a core update to the algorithm itself, quite different and inherently more fundamental, than one of Google’s minor tweaks to its search engine.

This Broad Core update was a tweak to Google's search algorithm itself, changing the ranking systems, without specifying the specific ranking systems. There are over 200 factors and rankings that go into fully optimizing a website to rank on Google, factors meaning the criteria that makes Google's algorithm favor one website over another in the search engine. With Google unwilling to share with the world their changes to the algorithm - this would essentially give out the secrets to perfect SEO - no one can tell the deciding factor that has made certain websites rise in the search results while others have fallen.

What to Do:

Since it’s almost impossible to determine the one factor that has caused your website to drop, the answer will be different for almost every website and every business.

So, how does one mitigate these core updates to the best of their ability. Well, you need to focus on what has solidified your previous favorable rankings in the first place. Try to look at some of your competitors websites, see what they are doing better and adjust your site accordingly.

In addition, try to have good website architecture with a heavy focus on content. One of the most important aspects of SEO, is simply, to have good content that users will want to read! Having trouble nailing down the content side of things. Then consult Google’s Search Content Evaluator Guideline, for some guidance and inspiration about how to create exciting and interesting content that adheres to Google's guidelines.

To learn more about SEO and Google’s Broad Core Algorithm contact Skigital today!

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