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The Power of SMS Marketing

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Our smartphones are now an ever increasing aspect of our lives. We don't leave home without them. With the power to connect to the rest of the world with the touch of a button, smartphones are now an invaluable tool for business marketers, a way to connect their business, message, and brand to the people they are trying to reach.

With consumers connecting more and more of their shopping habits with their social media accounts, mobile notifications from many different platforms are all vying for the attention of the user, flooding their screen with technological stimuli, leaving business marketers with the question, “what form of marketing is the most effective at grabbing the consumers attention?”

The Power of SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing refers to the method of reaching your customers through text message in order to share a message or promotion with them. SMS marketing uses user-based permission in order to reach its customers, meaning that the people that you will reach through SMS marketing have already agreed to receive your text messages. This means that the people on your SMS marketing list are already qualified leads and are more likely to take action.

With an SMS marketing platform, you can reach an expansive number of customers directly and quickly, texting up to 10,000 consumers at a single time. Businesses can own their message, enjoying the absence of the, sometimes limiting, formats of social media sites. The function of allowing a business to directly reach their audience, in an expansive and streamlined nature through text message, allows business owners to enjoy autonomy and freedom of their message to an expansive and interested market.

SMS marketing can be used in tandem to compliment email marketing, social media campaigns, and more! SMS marketing is an immediate form of communication, where users receive the immediate buzz and notification of a text message. Emails and social media are a less immediate form of communication, going into an inbox or newsfeed that is often flooded with other messages. Therefore, SMS marketing can be used to send more immediate information, a limited time promotional deal or an exciting new product.

The power of SMS marketing is possibly most evident in its engagement and conversion rates. The engagement rates across most industries is 98 percent compared to 30 percent of emails. The ability to send a marketing message out there with the comfort of knowing that about 98 percent of your audience will consume your message, is an incredibly welcoming feeling.

The power of SMS marketing is extremely evident. With the ability to connect with consumers, through their most valued means of technology, in the most striking and attention grabbing way, is an invaluable tool for business owners.

For more information about the power of SMS marketing, or to learn more about the marketing world in general, contact the experts at Skigtal!

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