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Effective Email Marketing and Management

Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy that allows your business to keep your customers updated, and more importantly, interested. In tangent with social media, email marketing can reach customers that are potentially more interested in your product or service than many casual ad viewers. So the question remains, why should you manage your email database and how can you do so effectively? In this article, we will give some inside knowledge of how we can curate your email database and create effective email marketing campaigns.

Why Do Email Marketing?

Social media marketing and email marketing work to accomplish two distinct goals. Social media marketing advertises to large groups of potential clients, gauging interest, asking questions, and interacting on a public platform. This gives businesses a way to communicate back and forth to their clients. When combined with email marketing, this process becomes even more useful. Email marketing takes those already interested clients and keeps them updated about your business. Even alone, email marketing can reach many buyers out-of-store. People who buy products marketed through email tend to spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers.

What Is Effective Email Marketing?

When we consider email marketing, we first have to be aware of its purpose. Good marketing of any kind answers one question: what makes your company unique? Email content can answer this question to your client base in a variety of ways. Maybe your company offers an individual product that is only available for a limited time. Let your subscribers know! Maybe your restaurant is having specials to celebrate the holidays. Send a custom greeting! These unique aspects of your business should be marketed online, and an email sends a direct push to your targeted demographic to invest their interest in these topics. At Skigital, our graphic design team will work closely with you to help devise a creative and goal-driven email for your business.

Managing Your List

Skigital uses modern software and organization tools to manage updated lists of email customers. Our process continually grows and updates your email list with new clients, and gathers information that we use to create personalized emails. We utilize email databases like MailChimp or Constant Contact that organizes client emails onto a list. To grow this list, we implement email gathering methods in a variety of ways. When a customer fills out a survey, review, or other forms of feedback that asks that they provide an email, they are added to the database. We can also add them to our list with the email needed to make restaurant reservations via Open Table. We offer a text message marketing service that gathers email addresses when clients opt in. In addition to all that, Skigital offers Smart Wifi, awesome technology that gathers emails every time users sign in to your free wifi. Check out the link above to see how it works!

Make Email Marketing Easy with Skigital

With all of this in mind, we hope you understand the time it takes to create good content for email marketing. If you are looking for an expert team to develop your content, give your email list the care it deserves, and design a professional newsletter- consider adding email marketing to your mixL with the Skigital team. Our team members are experts at managing email lists and making sure your clients are informed of your unique events, deals, and anything in between. Get in touch with us at our website and check out the variety of other services we use, such as social media marketing and our SEO power pack.

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