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How SSL Certification Will Better Your Business

While using the world wide web, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to know which websites can be trusted, and which are a total scam. As a website owner, you want to make sure your website falls under the trusted category. There is actually a very simple way to ensure your place in that category, and that is by having an SSL Certification for your website.

What is SSL?

First to understand why you need SSL, you’ll need to understand what it is. Security Sockets Layer, or SSL, is the standard technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and browser. This basically means that it serves as a layer designed to protect consumer data, and ensure that is stays private. So, what are the benefits of SSL you might ask? Here are just a few:

Protects Confidential Data

Through SSL, data such as passwords, credit card info, identification and more are encrypted (or locked) only to be unlocked by the desired browser and server. Once entered through this layer, the data is turned to an indecipherable format to protect it from hackers. This protection allows customers to know that through your website, their information is safe.

Affirms Identity

In a world where catfishing has its own TV show, it can be unsettling to not know who you might be dealing with behind the screen. In order to make your customers feel safe and comfortable using your website, you’ll want to verify your identity. Through a third party validation process set by a certificate authority, you are able to get a verification for you and your organization. The perks of this is that it keeps your website safe from any imitators, and allows your customers to know that this is the authentic location for your business. It’s almost like a social media verification “blue checkmark,” but for a website rather than an account.

Gives Your Website a Better Search Engine Ranking

Google identified that there can be many unreliable websites found through their search engine. Thus they decided in 2014 to change their algorithm so that websites with SSL certification appeared before those who are not. In 2018 they actually ended up making it a requirement to create an even safer browsing experience for users. A website without the certification now are marked as “not secure” in the URL bar. That “not secure” title will most likely leave customers feel uneasy about trusting you with their private information.

Helps Satisfy PCI/DSS Requirements

If you wish to accept online payments it must be PCI compliant in order to protect the consumers card information from hackers. This certification satisfies one of twelve primary requirements set by the payment card industry, or PCI.

Improves Overall Customer Trust Relationship

This protective certification also allows users to know that they’re data is safe with who they intend to be communicating with. Through identity verification they are confident supplying their information given that they know it is not a scammer or catfish. Once they know you are reliable, and their information will be kept safe, they are more likely to do business through your website.

Is your website not SSL certified? Don’t know where to start? That's where we can help. Contact an expert here at Skigital to meet all your websites needs

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