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6 Ways to Use Instagram Stories to Grow Your Business

In a world where social media has taken over, there are several ways you can use these platforms to effectively and uniquely market your business. Within the several social media types, there are several additional features that can be utilized to do so. For example, Instagram has options for posts, direct messages, stories, live stories and more. With hundreds of options, there’s a new virtual world of opportunities. Here are 6 strategies you can use to boost your business when posting on Instagram stories.

#1: Tutorials

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Tutorials are a fun way to showcase something new to your followers. Whether it be a new product or service, incorporating the item into a short video that teaches viewers how to use said item to achieve a goal is a great way to promote the product. By posting content relating to services or products that you offer, you can encourage consumers to consider your business for similar results. Tutorials are a fun way to make the job seem more relatable and attainable to the daily user. An example of this would be a makeup brand posting a tutorial on their story highlighting a specific new palette. In order to achieve the end result of the story, viewers will want to use the same palette, therefore leading them to purchase.

#2: Polls and Q&A


Polls along with questions and answers are a fun way to add an interactive approach to your business's Instagram story. Through interaction, you will give customers a more personal connection to your brand, as well as allowing them to feel that their opinions are valued. It is also a good way to get your followers excited about new products/services being released. For example, asking followers to vote which option they like better between two new shoes styles that are being released. Another way to utilize this technique is to not directly pertain the poll to your specific products, but to an area of interest. An example of this would be a sports bar taking a poll to see who their customers think will win the big game

#3: Takeovers

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An Instagram takeover is when one user has a person from another account “take over” their account and post a thread of stories. The first perk of this is that the person chosen is usually some sort of influencer with a large following. This opens your business to a newer, bigger audience. It also gives your account a new face rather than the usual same employees. An example of this technique in action would be a brand that specializes in outdoor gear would have someone who is an adventurer with a large following take over their stories. Through this, the person taking over would have the opportunity to show how they use their favorite products as well as link them for purchase.

#4: Behind the Scenes


By posting a “behind the scenes” look at things such as events, product releases, photoshoots and more will have viewers feeling like they have an exclusive sneak peek to your business. This will allow them to feel valued and have a connection with your brand. Doing this will also get viewers excited for what’s to come in the future, and also allows you to show your brand personality off a little more. An example of the behind the scenes post would be a clothing line showing off the photoshoot for the new line showcasing some new pieces that are releasing soon.

#5: Geotagging and Hashtagging


A simple and easy way to expand the reach of your stories is by adding geotags and hashtags. By tagging relevant locations and hashtags, your posts will also be seen by people who do not follow your account but search these tags on Instagram. A business should definitely consider geotagging when they are located in a significant location such as a busy city or near a landmark. Another option is having a personalized hashtag for your business. By doing this and applying the hashtag to all your posts and stories, they will all appear in a certain “space” on Instagram. The advantage to this is that your posts, along with any of your customer's posts who use this hashtag will all be in one space to browse and interact. This will create a sense of a “community” for those who follow your business closely. For example, a restaurant posts or customers' posts of their dishes could show up under the geotag location for the area in which the restaurant is located.

#6: Reviews and User Generated Content


Posting reviews, results and testimonials from followers/customers can persuade other customers into pursuing a product/service your business offers. You can also use the opportunity to link the item used, making the purchase quicker and more convenient. By seeing real-life people that have achieved results/happiness with your product will give customers an even greater desire to make a purchase. An example of this is a fitness account posting users transformations and linking the specific exercise program used.

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