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The website design process begins with filling out our website questionnaire. This will introduce us to who you are, your businesses, and your goals. This is also a great activity to help you hone in on what you are truly looking for! Our team can then hop on a call to answer any questions you may have and make sure we are aligned with your business. We will provide you with a project proposal and onboarding materials when you are ready to start. We ask that you provide us with website content and images before the design process begins. Providing content can be daunting, so a comprehensive outline will be provided for your convenience. We are also happy to set up a photo shoot for you if you are in need of images.



Once we have your website content and images, the fun part can begin - designing! Our designers will create two homepage designs for you to choose from based on your feedback. Elements can be mixed and matched to ensure the homepage is precisely what you are looking for. From there, the rest of the website will be built based on the look and feel of the homepage design. Two rounds of refinements can be made to ensure your website aligns with your goals. The process usually takes 8-12 weeks, but it ultimately depends on open and timely communication. When your website is fully built and approved, we will optimize the site for mobile and search engines.



When your website has been thoroughly tested and optimized, it’s time to launch! We will set your website up for a successful launch with our streamlined process. The new website is 100% yours, so we will transfer it to your account once your site is live. A tutorial will be provided to ensure you know how to make edits to your website. We are also happy to continue your website maintenance. Skigital also offers other services to help enhance your online presence. Our marketing strategies are geared towards increasing your website traffic and engagement. Contact us today to enhance your online presence and see significant results!

Art Director, Natalie Radbill and Junior Graphic Designer, Katy Grubb

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Our web design strategy puts success first, creating the most practical set up for your brand. Fill out our website questionnaire today to get started.

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